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Safe Cash Box
Safe Cash Box :

Banks, Credit Societies, Jewellery Merchant, Cash Collection, Centers, Diamond Traders, etc. Suitable for Carrying Cash, Jewellery & Important Documents.

On activation by Remote Control or Jack Loop, Bag delivers Electrical Shock
Impulses & loud Alarm. These Electrical Impulses cause sudden muscular
contraction & as a reflex action, the attacker suddenly drops the bag. High
Voltage Electrical Impulses can pass through leather or cotton gloves.No Shock - Back - only the person holding the bag will get shock.

­Digital Encoding/Decoding
­Wireless operation
­Battery operated (12V Rechargeable SMF)
­EMI / RFI protection.
­Visual Indication for High Voltage pulsing
­P.L.L. based R.F. Stable Transmitter Technology.
­300 feet transmitting range.
­Rugged & Sturdy construction

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